Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goin' Green with Washi Tape

Top O'the mornin' to ya'all.  My Party Passion is Going Green for Washi Tape this St. Patrick's Day. Bringing you some fun budget party ideas using your Washi Tape this March. 

Go to that drawer where you have been hiding these little paper gems and dig 'em out!  It's time to get our party on with some FUN, EASY and inexpensive ideas!

If you are a Pick Your Plum junkie like I am, you might have some of these "fry" boxes still in your craft closet.  So easy to dress these little guys up.  Not just for fries though...think cookies, crackers, pretzels or even little gold coins!   The popcorn box I am showing you was a HUGE find at a Just for a Buck store in our area - 8 boxes for $ 1 SCORE!  What about your throw away soup containers?  YES please - these need a little green washi too!  

Easy as 1 2 3 with dressing up your Utensils for St. Patrick's Day!  In case you missed my recent tutorial over at Eye Candy Event Details - you can see "catch" it HERE - it talks about Washi crafting with your eating utensils.   I love how easy and cute the Green Washi dresses up my candy scoop!   Another easy trick - Popsicle sticks - make the little green flags - stick these in your cheese and pepperoni or use for cupcake toppers!  Possibilites are endless with these. 

Three additional insanely easy ideas - done eating your veggies or soup - wash those cans out and peel off the label - INSTANT utensil holder or straw holder.   You don't need those fancy paper straws that so many of us use at our parties to have some cuteness in your drinks. Use your Washi tape to put a cute straw flag on your plastic straw.  My last idea is one that I also did at Christmas time with Washi Tape -  putting it around tea light candles.  You can give these for little gifts to anyone who might stop by during the St. Patty's day weekend.  They look cute in little clear plastic bags with some confetti or shredded paper thrown in! 

There you have it. Some fun and easy ideas for crafting with your Washi Tape this St. Patrick's Day!  

Until next time Friends - Party On!

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