Wednesday, February 27, 2013

45th Birthday Party

Hi y'all - I am so excited to share this special birthday with you.  Turning 45, for me, has turned into something that I really did not see coming.  I am feeling a shift of sorts in life and changing priorities around has been the order of the day. We are getting back to the basics here at the Newell Estate.  SIMPLIFYING is our motto! 

In the past I have had some gal pals over and we have partied it up!

This year felt BIG to me and I wanted to share it with the ladies and their fellows!

It was the FIRST time that I used an off site location for a party and it was a challenge for me to "let go" of the control of it all.  I had a local restaurant caterer it and serve. 

I did good!

Theme:  Eat, Drink, Laugh, Repeat

I found these napkins at Target last year and loved the message. This is where it all started!

Color scheme:  Gray, silver and limeish green

Simply grocery store flowers and limes that I hollowed out made up my centerpieces.  The plastic silver trays were from the Dollar Tree. 

I had buckets on the table filled with dried split peas (sticking with the green color scheme) and put in question cards to get people talking. 

Bar set up with full service bartender. 
(nice not to have to "man" the bar)

Some Sweets for the yourself candy and some themed cookies. 

The fun:  Photobooth 

Sing...Sing a song... Karaoke 

The Swag:  Etched stemless wine glasses with the THEME on them... Eat, Drink, Laugh, Repeat

So blessed to have had so many people there that mean a lot to me!  

It was fun and fabulous...

Afterall - 45 is the new 35!

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Party styled & planned by: Melissa Newell
XXL Balloons and paper flowers: Party On Designs
Cookies:  Desserts by Dawn


  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday!! I am turning 30 in April and starting to figure out what I want to do!

  2. I am so glad you had a great party, looks like it was lots of fun. 45 was big for me too!

    1. It was fun. I am so looking forward to the next 45!

  3. Love this party. I just wished I lived near you so I could have come! =) Glad you had a wonderful time & cheers to 45 more glorious years my friend! xoxo

    1. Thanks Laura! 8) I wish you could have come also!

  4. Had a fantastic time! Thanks again for inviting us!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Melissa! Looks like a fun relaxing party! :)

    1. It was pretty relaxing - that's something to say - for me! 8)

  6. I know letting go was tough but you did it!!! And it was still a very Melissa party - a blast as always! Happy 45!!!

    1. DIP! LOL
      If the phone still ain't ringing....I will ask Brent who's calling!

  7. Great party, great friends and a great time!!

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