Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Washi Tape Storage!

Washi Tape Storage

I will be the first to admit that a Washi Tape intervention is in order.  If you have followed me on Facebook or my blog you will know I am a little addicted to the stuff..hehehe…I can’t get enough of these little paper tape rolls.  Maybe it’s because they are a quick pick- me-up to almost any craft? Maybe because they are so darn inexpensive and buying them makes my heart sing?   Whatever the reason (and there are many) my collection has grown!  Organizing them all can be a challenge as they do come in different sizes so you need something to accommodate those differences in tape.

Years ago I asked my talented husband to make me a Puppet stand for all the little hand puppets that we had.  Fast forward 7 years later – sadly no more interest in puppets (insert lightbulb moment) however, the stand made a great Washi Tape holder!

A few wooden dowels, couple pieces of scrap wood and a few screws…maybe wood glue and you are golden! 

Now as you can see a few of the dowels have broken over time but they will be getting replaced soon as I am expecting a new shipment of Washi Tape in any day!

What about you?  Are you a Washi Tape Fan yet?  

Until next time - Party On Friends!


  1. Looove washi tape! I love to use it as part of my packaging when I prepare orders for shipping. I have a beautiful framed peg board and love to "hang" my tape on the arms...Similar to what you do but on peg board! Great idea Melissa.

  2. Great organizing solution! And boy, that's a fabulous stash of washi tape you've got!