Friday, January 25, 2013

Partay with the Penguins!

It's a Penguin Party today at My Party Passion!

We just finished up our month long Antarctica and Penguin Unit for school...what better way to celebrate all our new found knowledge then to have a party!

This space in our kitchen is great to set up a little party for the kids. However, the lighting is NOT the best for pictures...(yes all that white stuff you see out the windows is snow!)

I used some of the penguins the kids crafted this month (in the windows) as a part of a backdrop. 

Those mini marshmallows and the "cups" behind them are for our Indoor Snowball Fight. Easy indoor shooters...cut the bottom from the paper cup, tie off a balloon and cut the NOT knotted end off, stretch that over the bottom of the cup and you have a catapult for your mini marshmallows! 


Little Penguin Bowling Fun

Marshmallow (snowball) shooters (we are still finding mini marshmallows in the playroom..hehehe)

Great game of Penguin Jeopardy!  Winner received a Twix Bar! (and she shared with the losers)

Showing: Mr. Popper's Penguins

Some healthy concession snacks to counteract the HUGE Sugar cookies and push up cake pops....believe it or not, these were the 1st to go!

Kids loved the movie! What I LOVED the most is the fact that they were talking throughout the movie about Penguins and the facts that they knew. They figured out the type of Penguins in the movie (Gentoo Penguins). When it came time for the eggs to hatch my son says "Oh it takes three days, I hope they know that"

Kids were not too hungry for lunch after the movie so we moved on to some 
Penguin Crafting

I had some LARGE stamps out and a few other penguin foam crafts. Girls loved them. 

We had such a great time together and learned sooo much about Antarctica and Penguins!

Thanks for coming over to visit today! 

Until next time..Party On Friends!

Styled and photoed by: Melissa Newell