Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve - Spur of the Moment

This NYE did not go according to the original plan!  As a family, we were all suppose to go North a few hours to our "besties" house and spend a few days ringing in the New Year with them - alas...both girls got sick and our plans were cancelled.  BOO!

I decided at the last minute, that I was not going to be angry at the situation (I like plans and hate when they go astray)...so I decided to whip up a quick family party for the five of us.

Here is what I came up with....

Using my Silhouette SD machine - I made this picture. I liked "her" and used this silhouette as the focal point around the party. 

I had already purchased the cups and drinks to bring with us, so I broke those bad boys out for the kiddies.

Of course a photo booth was a MUST. You would not know she had pneumonia by the smile on her face...lol..my kids are SO used to their pictures being taken...they rally!

side note:  Sammie had a recent hair cut - one of rights of passage - she cut one side herself... 8(   I had to even the hair up...daddy was not happy - I on the other hand said - it will grow back 8)

I had a few of these white plan old goodie boxes left from last year's party and with my Silhouette machine added these paper embellishments.  Inside were laser pointers/flash lights that I found at the local dollar store. BIG HIT!

This is our bar in our family room - great place to set up our soiree! 

Last minute - decided to make these midnight poppers for the kids. You can find the printables and ideas HERE at One Charming Party.

Throw some white gumballs into a martini glass...instant fun!

A baker I am not....but the kids did not mind - these sugar cookies were just the amount of sugar needed to put a pop into their step for a while. 

After a while the kids got tired and went upstairs to their playroom to have a kids only Movie Night. Feature show:  Yogi Bear!  Popped some corn for them and they feel asleep shortly. 

Hubby and I watched the original National Lampoons Vacation where the Griswolds travel across country to Walley World!  Lots of laughs....

I am really looking forward to 2013!  I have not set my goals yet but plan on doing it shortly! 

Can't wait to share all my ideas with you all!

Party On Friends!

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  1. You can throw a spur of the moment party for me anytime! I love your creativity! Well done. Happy New Year Melissa!

    1. Thanks Chrissie - honestly it was such a quick throw together thing. I had no intention of doing this until our plans were cancelled. Happy New Year!

  2. So sorry you guys had to change your plans!! I hope the girls feel better soon! Happy New Year!!

    1. I an sorry too...but there will be another weekend we will see them 8) Happy New Year!

  3. Would have been better together...but we both managed to make the best of it! I know you had all these plans swirling around in your head anyway! Happy New Year Newells!!!<3

    1. Yes it would have been great Tina! And honestly, I had NO plans for a party until the last minute 8) I was going to let "this one go"...LOL...Love ya

  4. Wouldn't even know it was last minute unless you told us all. Great job!

  5. Cute! Sometimes last minute plans are the best. Cheers to a new year!

  6. One of the best last minute parties I've ever seen! Great job girlie.
    Gotta love me some National Lampoon Vacas. ;)