Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Underwater/Under the Sea Party - Guest Feature

From time to time you happen by chance to come across another person who is as excited about throwing their child’s birthday as yourself!   As with this party, from an on-line gal pal Bethany – she was SUPER excited to throw just the “right” party for her son who was 6 going on 7!  Bethany, whom I have never met in real life, messaged me for some assistance – throwing around ideas – asking questions – etc.. I was so happy to help her out (even if only through FB)  So happy that her son had a great time with his friends at his

Underwater – Under the Sea party!  

she made the invites herself!

Goodie bags for the kids - I JUST LOVE THE LITTLE FISH!

How cute are these Octopops!

Something I have yet to try - but she is inspiring me!  

Great sensory activity! 

In her own words Bethany answers some of my questions……

What was the theme for your sons party? Underwater/Under the Sea

What made you pick this this theme? My 6..going on 7yr old son did.
How long ago did you start planning? I started in April with brainstorming..looking at pinterest! ...I initially had an "Adventurer/UP" party picked out in February...yes..I start that helps me get through winter! :)

What was your favorite element from the party?  Hmmmm...tough one...I think I really liked the photobooth! The kids seemed to like it..and it was easy peasy!...I already had the perfect shower curtain (something told me months ago not to throw it away)...and my DH built me a stand with PVC...some foam board to make a submarine...along with posterboard and some large craft sticks! BAM! Perfection! :P

Looking back - what would you have done differently?  I would of made sure my husband had a list/diagram of where everything was suppose to go..for some reason I thought I was "superwoman" and I thought that I was going to be able to be there to help him..but instead I had to run errands (pick up the cake and a balloon the Birthday Boy and his younger sister). I think because of this..there was time that was wasted and I could of had some other elements of the party set up.

Did you have a budget for the party and if so would you mind sharing? Usually my parties cost me around $300. I don't like to sit down and calculate it ;)...I purchase all my party things here and there....such as Dollar Tree, Walmart..Oriental Trading...and I buy my balloons in bulk at Bargain Balloons. This year I splurged and bought one of my balloon towers/sculptures at a local party store.

What is the next party you are working on? My Daughters Party in November!)

Thanks Bethany for sharing such an important life event

 for your family!  Can't wait to see what November brings

 for your soon to be 2 year old!  

Bethany found Inspiration in a lot of different places….she shares all her sources!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Luau - In Lieu of Camping

This past weekend we were SUPPOSE to have our last (tent) camping trip of the Summer. However, the kids were under the weather the entire week and we did not want to "infect" the other children that were at the camp ground, so we stayed home.  The theme of the weekend was LUAU!  It was all party goodies I already had so the party did not cost a thing - except for some yummy food!  

Family Luau in Lieu of Camping..

of course I had to have some goodie bags (luau tins) 
for the kiddies 8)

I made the banner - embellished  with a few printables from Birds Party Blog (FREE)

Little Tiki guy is also from Birds printables

of course we had to have our bonfire!  

My oldest son and his fiance' joined us for the day!  It was a lot of fun!  

Not pictured was our delicious Salmon, salads, fruit, rotisserie chicken, drinks and our family Scrabble Game! 

While others are winding down from Summer  - we are still going strong soaking it all in and loving the weather!

Until next time friends - Party On!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Classic ROCK Party!

Gal pal of mine, Kimberly (you have seen her work before at the Alice in Wonderland party) wanted to throw a 40th birthday for her hubby (who happens to be a US Marine).  While he was recently overseas she asked for my help to plan the party.   I knew I HAD to go to my go to girl, Laura at Eye Candy Event Details for the top secret design!  

Kimberly had a theme and an idea of what elements she wanted but was not sure how to fit it all together.  We got out our sketch pads and laptop and emailed our ideas to Laura.  

What she came up with is a design we could have only imagined in our head but never in real life! 

  I am so excited to have worked with Kimberly and Laura on this party and to share it with you today! 

Here is Kimberly in front of her main food table!  Don't you just love her backdrop!  She incorporated the flames in the printable set that Laura made, right into the backdrop. 

Her dessert table included this HOT flame cupcakes with Laura's party circles, candy and some assorted cookies. 

She had a lot of her own candle holders scattered around for the night time setting.

The birthday boy just happened to have a concert shirt that matched (guests were asked to wear them)
BTW that skull is filled with VODKA!

Even outside she had candles hanging..

Hubby and I were also guests of the party! 
 (The guest of honor and my husband have the same birthday)

Kimberly and the birthday boy, Mark!  

Was excited to wear my new light up mohawk!  

HUGE Thank you to Laura at Eye Candy Event Details for the ROCKIN' Party Printables! 

Also to Kimberly for letting me be a part of such a memorable event in her family's life!

You can purchase the entire collection including a TICKET invitation over at Laura's Etsy Shop later today!

To see many more pictures - I invite you to check out my post over at Laura's blog!

Thanks all for ROCKIN' with me!

This weekend we are camping for the last time this season - LUAU theme - of course friends, it will be a party!

Until then - Party On Friends!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Racing Party Theme - On the Fast Track to 40

 Over the weekend we celebrated a few parties...the most important one was my hubby's 35th!  I always go all out for the kids and friends but hubby never likes a "fuss" made for him....however, had to do something, right?!   He is a HUGE NASCAR fan so I came up with this idea 
"On the Fast Track to 40" and went with it 8)

yup that's him next to the race car at Pocono Speedway - he drove that car and got up to speeds of 160 MPH in that car around that track...he would have gone faster if they let him! 

His fav!  Chocolate pudding pie with whipped cream, oreo topping and peanut butter chips!  YUM!

We had a lot of fun as a family with a movie after cutting the pie!  All were tired.... Cheers y'all and....

Party On!

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Credits:  Planning and Stlying:  Melissa Newell
Checkerboard paper (made into flags): Vinnie Pearce