Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day - 2012 - All American BBQ

I have been inspired lately by the "vintage" or "old fashion" feel of parties.  I was going for that look this year at our 2012 Memorial Party.  Inspired by THIS POST. 

Basket full of "vintage type" toys...Jacks, Gliders, bubbles and 
jumpropes for the kiddies...

BIG hit in the heat!

Beverage Center

I handstamped all the wooden utensils.

Played some "old fashion" games...

Individual Apple Crisp

Fun watching the fireworks that my hubby put on for us.

We did have a little visit from the police about 45 mins after neighbor complained...
Oh well - 

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!


Styled by: Melissa Newell

Cookies: Dessert by Dawn
Apple Crisp cups & Wooden Utensils:  Garnish

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day 2011

Here is a recap of last years' Party!

traditional hot dogs and salads served

Hubby's famous ribs (again this year, YUMMO)

Praying everyone is safe this year on the roads, in their homes and with the kiddies and pools!

Can't wait to share this year's Party with you....theme:  All American Old Fashion Memorial Day!

Party On Friends!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Arts & Crafts Party

Here is a super easy idea for a playdate or party. You probably
have the majority of the materials in your home already. 

using a large cork board for a back drop is simple!
adding a few paper flowers (I keep mine from every event I do)
The banner/bunting is made from coasters.

Each girl did a canvas painting for their father for Father's day.

We used (recycled) a soda bottle (plastic) for the flower stamping.

Finished up with some Sundaes! 

This was simple party to put together with a very low budget.

Great for a rainy day!

Party On Friends!

Party styled by: Melissa Newell
Printables by: Melissa Newell

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