Monday, August 20, 2012

Racing Party Theme - On the Fast Track to 40

 Over the weekend we celebrated a few parties...the most important one was my hubby's 35th!  I always go all out for the kids and friends but hubby never likes a "fuss" made for him....however, had to do something, right?!   He is a HUGE NASCAR fan so I came up with this idea 
"On the Fast Track to 40" and went with it 8)

yup that's him next to the race car at Pocono Speedway - he drove that car and got up to speeds of 160 MPH in that car around that track...he would have gone faster if they let him! 

His fav!  Chocolate pudding pie with whipped cream, oreo topping and peanut butter chips!  YUM!

We had a lot of fun as a family with a movie after cutting the pie!  All were tired.... Cheers y'all and....

Party On!

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Credits:  Planning and Stlying:  Melissa Newell
Checkerboard paper (made into flags): Vinnie Pearce


  1. I love it - it has always been on my bucket list to do the 'driving experience' I would want to drive faster than 160 mph too though! Great job as always! Such a sweet party! =)

  2. Oh believe me when I say he wanted to go faster also...but the cars topped out at that...LOL

  3. Looks great Melissa! Pie sounds delicious!! Your family is beautiful!