Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Three Cheers for Dad - a Cheers Themed Party

When thinking about Father's Day this year, I wanted to really do it up right.  We were camping over the weekend with best friends (and their kids) and the dads deserved something nice!  I planned for about a month before our trip.  My hubby's favorite (all time) TV show is the classic Cheers!  I had to think of a party that I could bring in a small sized box so the hubby would not notice 1 more box with all the camping stuff....So going with browns, oranges and yellows, here is what I came up with (all behind his back no less)

The two Dads (BFF on the left and my hubby on the right)

Found these at Party City on clearance in March!  Knew I would use
them someday!

Made signs and brought some of my useful IKEA frames...

Each dad got one of these glass beer mugs from us.

I did "bar/pub" food - Make Your Own Nacho Bar and Sliders
(A hit with everyone)

I could only bring 1 small sized box to fit all the party stuff so the hubby
would not notice...easy fold up decor and used a clothes
line to hang over the table.

Big hit with all - had my gal pal, Dawn (Dessert by Dawn) make these
awesome cookies!  Hard to keep them hidden until the big celebration!

Did you throw a party for your hubby or dad?  Would love
to hear about it!

Party On!


  1. You are a great wife! Looks like a super fun party!

  2. This is going to sound silly - First of all the party looked super fun! I love NACHO parties! In fact - I am planning one for a co-worker (hence how I found this site) and I'd love to find the brown paper/cardboard containers that you used. I am not having any luck with googling because I dont know the name of the container and am not coming anywhere close to what I think it might be. Help if you can. Thanks! mscott8903@gmail.com